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Founded in 2007, the Urban NYCHE Marketing, Inc. mission is simple:

To equip small businesses with the custom strategies, affordable resources, and available information they need to grow locally and online.

For Our Clients, we provide small business with the mentorship, resources, and services that increase their value and reach. We encourage our network to become influential parts of their community. 

For Our Employees, we provide support towards their professional and personal development initiatives. We encourage a healthy work-life balance, so they can enjoy life while providing a sustainable life for their families.  

For Our Owners, we strive to reward our owners with high returns and privileged access to our business network, so they can enjoy life's luxuries while providing the same for their families.  

For Our Community, we provide personal and professional development opportunities to encourage economic growth.  

For Our World, we promote fairness, respect and the empowerment of all people by establishing a standard of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance of all cultures and lifestyles. 

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