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Professional AND Affordable Logo Design

The Professional Logo Design Difference

Small businesses are usually on tight budgets, so cheap and self-made logo services have popped up everywhere but why sacrifice professional design? As independent designers, we provide the best of both worlds - decades of branding and design experience at affordable rates. We design timeless, creative and complex logos that you can use on anything from your first business card to a future billboard. We also provide a detailed specification sheet that clearly explains how to use your logo going forward.


What Do Your Logo Design Services Include?

Odds are you'll need to use your logo in a variety of ways and you may not always know what you need for each project. We provide color and black & white versions of your logo, in print and web formats, so you can use it anywhere. Your specification sheet clearly explains how to use each version, of course, but if you still have questions you can contact us anytime.

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